Just a quick note to you Andy. I was concerned about finances and business.
The Runes said I would see an increase in business starting in July, I am happy to say business has slowly, steadily increased.!!!

Angela Kratka

Mystic Martias is my go to for readings. Always spot on and tells me exactly what I need to hear. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.!

Lorie Morgan Baker

I booked a reading with Martias because I had what I thought was a job opportunity in front of me and a difficult choice to make. His reading told me to relax because the job wasn’t actually there (which it turns out it wasn’t), but he told me that I was ready to go after something whether it was a new job or a new project and to take that energy and harness it. I have done that and started a new interest/hobby and it’s been really fulfilling and just what I needed to hear. Martias was everything you want in a tarot reader – empathetic, insightful, and someone who wants you to be your best self, and will use the cards to help guide you towards your better self. It was my first online tarot reading and it was great. We chatted a bit while he shuffled the cards to get energy into them, drew the cards, and sent me photos so I could follow the reading. He drew a few extra cards to dig into a few specific areas and I felt he was trying to get me as much clarity and information as he could. I have had many bad (or at least confusing) tarot readings in my life – this was absolutely not one of them. Martias is accurate and insightful. He has the gift and he wants to help people grow and create positivity with it. 

Leigh Hayden

 l booked an appointment with Andy he did both a tarot and runes reading for me.  He was very insightful and was precise when he answered all the questions that l asked.  He is knowledgeable and very gifted in his craft…l cannot wait to book another reading in a few months, and have recommended him to my friends and family.

Muriel Marshall