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About me

For me divination and tarot in particular has been a life long journey into spirituality and my connection with the divine.

Ever since I received my first Tarot card deck back when I was sixteen I have been fascinated by the images and symbolism in those cards.  They led me to a closer and more profound understanding of the divine, the world and my place in it.

My connection with divination has grown as I gained more experience and I now offer runic and crystal ball readings.  With the aid of divination I have found the path laid out for me and it is my greatest wish to help others in their journey into the future…

I am now a professional tarot card reader and would be thrilled to connect with you for tarot card readings. Whether you prefer online consultations or in-person sessions, I am here to guide you on your spiritual journey. Contact me today and let the magic unfold.


As a devoted practitioner, I hold the title of High Priest within the esteemed Alexandrian tradition. In 2009, I underwent an initiation as a priest in the city of Toronto, and my path led me to the enchanting realms of Hamilton in 2011. Throughout my journey, I have had the honor of teaching classes and performing ritual and divination for various esteemed groups, including the Niagara Falls Paganfest (Purple Pentacle) and the Toronto Pagan Pride Day.

In April 2019, a remarkable chapter began with the birth of Silver Circle in Hamilton, Ontario. This cherished community serves as a haven for individuals seeking a safe and inclusive space to partake in ritualistic practices. Welcoming members from diverse Wiccan traditions, including those following solitary paths, Silver Circle offers a place where all can come together. Currently, we gather in person for powerful rituals every other Sunday at 8pm in the picturesque Battlefield Park in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Additionally, we have embraced the digital realm by hosting bi-weekly online classes, ensuring that knowledge and spiritual growth transcend physical boundaries.

Join me, Andy Desjardins, and the vibrant community of Silver Circle, as we embark on a journey of enlightenment, unity, and magical transformation. Let us unlock the secrets of the universe together, embracing the profound wisdom that lies within each and every one of us.

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About Page: Andy Desjardins of MysticMartias.com