In my over 30 years of occult study I have developed many skills that I may offer to my clients.  They are as follows.


Tarot is a medieval form of divination that has existed for many centuries. It's origins are shrouded in myth and legend. It allows the querent to get detailed answers to any questions and works well in conjunction with many religious systems.


I am available for parties. I can perform reading for all your guests. All I require is a table and a space to perform the readings. 3 hour minimum charge is required. For locations travel expenses may also have to be negotiated.


Runic readings are great at getting to the heart of an issue. They relate closely to Norse myth and have their origins from pre-roman times. The system allows me to identify the physical, mental and spiritual influences relating to the issue at hand.

House Blessings

I am available for house blessings and cleansings. This is charged for on an hourly basis and if outside of Hamilton then travel expenses will be negotiated.

Crystal ball

Crystal ball gazing, also called scrying is often used in concert with other forms of divination. It can provide clear insight into whatever situation you face and can help bring clarity to even the most difficult of situations.


Sometimes we all need another set of eyes on a problem. I will suggest magical techniques based on a specific situation. This will be part of your divination. If you want a magical remedy to your problem I can help you craft one.


My rates are:
$20 – 15-20 minutes (short, usually a follow up session)
$40 – 20-40 minutes (full reading in depth)
$60 – 40 min – 1 hour (full life session will probably involve several different readings)
For parties and house blessings I charge by the hour with the $60 per hour rate applying.  If the location is outside of Hamilton, Ontario then travel expenses will have to be negotiated.
if you are in person you can pay cash or if online it can be paid through e-transfer to this e-mail address