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Crystal ball gazing, also called scrying is often used in concert with other forms of divination. It can provide clear insight into whatever situation you face and can help bring clarity to even the most difficult of situations.

Crystal Ball Gazing: Peer into the Mystical Depths 

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Welcome, curious souls! Brace yourselves for an enchanting journey into the ancient art of crystal ball gazing, also known as scrying. Join me, Andy Desjardins, the charismatic mystic of, as I unravel the secrets of this enthralling practice.

Crystal Ball Gazing: the Secrets of Divination

Picture a sparkling crystal ball, its mesmerizing depths beckoning you into a realm where past, present, and future intertwine. Crystal ball gazing and scrying are mystical techniques of divination that allow us to tap into unseen energies and gain insights beyond the ordinary.

Gazing into the Magic: 

Crystal ball gazing is like peering through a window into the tapestry of the universe. By focusing our gaze upon the crystal ball, we enter a meditative state, opening ourselves to receive visions, symbols, and messages. It’s a captivating dance between the crystal’s energy and our intuition, revealing hidden truths and guiding us on our path.

Scrying: Delving into the Depths of Perception:

Scrying takes us through various mediums like water, mirrors, or even flame. We create a portal to realms unknown. With patience and a little magic, we interpret the subtle whispers and symbolic reflections that emerge, offering profound insights and guidance. Gateway to Crystal Ball Gazing

At, we embrace the mystical allure of crystal ball gazing (scrying). We offer a several experiences to explore these ancient practices. From personalized crystal ball readings to scrying workshops and group sessions, we cater to your thirst for magical encounters.

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Amidst the plethora of platforms, shines as a bastion of magical authenticity. We prioritize your experience, infusing each session with inspiration, empowerment, and a dash of enlightenment. Prepare to be captivated and charmed like never before!



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